Vacationing with Teenagers is Wild Fun

Laughter is an instant vacation.”  Unknown

This week my family and I are on vacation in the high Sierras.  It is our annual family vacation fly fishing trip.  Say that 10 times fast.  This year is especially wild because we have 6 young adults and teenagers.  Two of these young people are teenage boys.

Vacationing with tween girls and teenagers is wild.

Exactly what is “Wild”?

For me crazy means teen boys telling their young sisters the mosquito bite is bound to cause a deadly disease and she won’t make it through the night.  Seriously!??

Through 15 year old brother with autism and it starts to get real fun.  Not.

So these boys are teasing the poor 10 year-old girls mercilessly.  First they tell the girls, we are sleeping in a tent on the deck, that mountain lions and cheetahs roam the hills at night looking for food.

Then they tell the girls that the river is infested with diseases AFTER the girls confess to drinking from the river.

The final straw was telling the girls hobos lurked around the train tracks in town.  Well, now the girls are freaked out about the hikers along the trails.

It required a lot of convincing before they believed the hikers were just hikers, the water is safe to drink, and cheetahs do not live in California.  Thanks, boys!

teenagers teen boys vacation fun

Teens having fun on vacation.
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They Sleep All Day

Our vacations are not activity driven.  Our family is on the go most days of the year so a vacation is about non-activity, go-with-the-flow days of leisure.

For example, my teenage boys sleep until 1 p.m.  I envy them!  If only I could physically sleep that long every day.  At my age every minute sleeping is a minute of living missed.  I’ve approached that side of the equation.

Sleep is elusive on a family vacation simply because the teen boys have told the younger kids all of these silly stories.  Thanks to my teen boys, the girls have woken me in the middle of the night positive they have heard a mountain lion.  Oh, dear!

So Funny, Laughing all Day

The teenagers are hysterical.  The cousins love to play games, sit at the table and joke, and hang out.  It is fun and eye-opening to eavesdrop on their conversations.  The really funny person is my son Jack.  His humor, with an autistic twist, is really funny.  He can answer trivia questions with a straight face, giving what sounds like a logical answer, only to start laughing because he made it up.

It is hysterical to listen to the other kids comment on being duped by the 15-year-old and laugh about it.

fly fishing vacation teenagers teen boys

Vacation Fly Fishing
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Vacation Family-Style

Our vacations do not follow the normal path.  We do not visit theme parks, islands, or take cruises.  We go fly fishing.  We eat family-style dinners.  The teenage boys tease their younger siblings mercilessly.

We do crafts, play games, read, and hang out.

Family vacations with teenagers are wild, crazy, memorable fun.

Cheers –