The Truth about Bleacher Butt and Caffeine Cures

It’s time to tell the truth about the many sufferings of the wrestling parent.  These maladies range from lack of sleep, bleacher butt, poor diet, loss of voice function, and lightening wallet syndrome.

My bottom has finally recovered from “bleacher butt” and I’m ready to go.  Don’t know what “bleacher butt” means?  Well, this blog post sums it up pretty well.  In my words, and most adults will agree, it is caused from sitting on those torture devices called “bleachers” for an extended amount of time causing your bottom to lose all feeling and sensation.  I agree with others on the web… there is no cure.

As a prevention (I do not want bleacher butt next season) I’m investing in a stadium seat.  Not any stadium seat, not a cheap one, no, this mom is getting the premium, luxury model.  Nothing is too good for this mom’s bottom.  I’m thinking pink would be a fun color.

Comfy Stadium Seat

Comfy Stadium Seat

If I wanted to have some fun I could just go for this seat.  Not sure my son would appreciate the humor though.  I dare you to not laugh outloud .funny bleacher seat

know!!  Hysterical isn’t it?  I would love to take this to as many matches as possible.  But I know it would humiliate my son so I will pass on the opportunity.  His feelings mean more to me than a good laugh.  It is enough to just look at this photo and imagine the response from other parents.

I’ve learned this first season that early mornings (can you imagine 4:30 A.M.!!??) are nothing to these coaches and players.  For mom… oh, my, gosh!  It is a caffeine fueled 3 months.

For those days when I am at the tournament (after dropping my wrestler off at 4:30 A.M.) I drink quite a bit of espresso coffee.  Strong.  Very. Very. Strong.

In the afternoon, after my bottom has lost all feeling and I’m nodding off, I can have one of these coffee drinks.  Yummy!!  Grab cold coffee from the snack bar, add some ice, and milk makes a great iced coffee.  I can add chocolate too (maybe bring Nutella with me).

Iced Coffee from A Beautiful Mess.  Enjoy!!!

Iced Coffee Delights

Iced Coffee Delights

Cheers –