The Road to Championships

The road to championships is built of sweat (believe me — I smelled it — yuck!), tears, and yup, blood (bloody noses everywhere).  Two hour practices every day, traveling at 4:30 a.m., wrestling all day, cutting out junk food (a serious sacrifice), the highs of winning, the lows of a loss, the unity of team brothers.

Healdsburg Greyhounds Wrestling

Healdsburg Greyhounds Wrestling

The season ended for most our wrestlers yesterday in a dramatic, difficult, and amazing championship battle.  Our varsity wrestlers are off to NCS Championships and perhaps state in the next couple of weeks.

What an amazing journey!  It has been a learning process (remember our vocabulary lesson?).  I personally found a tremendous amount of humor in it (I know, bad mom!).  A family uniting experience (saw TWO cousins this time!).  Perhaps the most satisfying part of the journey has been watching these young men grow and come together as more than team mates.  Wrestling brothers.  Through and through.

The championship meet didn’t lack in the humourous moments I enjoy so much  — as seen here in this video.  Here’s a game…. look for these things — the coach / past coach / past wrestler stance (hint: on bended knee).  Seriously, every adult man on the mat got on one knee.  Was someone wounded???

Next look for our new and veteran wrestlers laying on the mat, like 5 year olds watching cartoons, actually watching the final rounds.

And, of course, Coach Tim couldn’t resist the dog pile / wrestlers pyramid.

Got a great shot of Coach Scott “quietly coaching” — I thought he was going to stroke-out!  Yoga, Coach, yoga — zen-out, honey! 🙂

Finally, I caught (sorry the photos are blurry but they moved fast) Coach Scott and Coach Tim dancing, wrestling, victory waltz?  You decide!  It was too funny!!!!

So, how did we do?

SCL Champions!!!!  Our victory video is here.



Celebrating a fantastic season with team & coaches





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Congratulations, Healdsburg Greyhounds Wrestlers!!!!

Cheers —