Celebrating a Fantastic Meet!!

We had a FANTASTIC night!!  Our Greyhounds earned hard-fought victory over Analy High School.  The video (set to some great music 😀 ) is here.  Hopefully you can hear the songs (all Queen, my friends, all Queen).

And obviously I didn’t understand the whole scoring, league, championship thingy because….well, you’ll see during the video.  Don’t laugh at me too much, veteran parents!

To be clear, I am celebrating an incredible win making the Greyhound Wrestling Team undefeated going into the championship tournaments. The competition (my dad’s alma mater — like I said in another post – my family doesn’t get out much!) was tough, strong, and wanted this win as much as we did.  They are great sportsmen and athletes.

But, I won’t lie, winning is kinda nice.  You know it too!!

Seriously, it was so intense and electrifying — I literally lost my voice half-way through the meet.

I have to say, being new to this sport, I am greatly impressed with the unity of the team and support of the coaches.  It is amazing how supportive each player is of the other.  These team members are also the most respectful and courteous group of guys.  I’m always impressed with how they conduct themselves.  Truly a proud representation of their families, coaches, team, and school.

Can I also say these young men demonstrate a degree of dedication and confidence rarely seen at this age?  These young men show up for a 2 to 2-1/2 hour practice every day.  EVERY. DAY.  Even holidays.  No joke.  They respect their coaches.  They give and take advice.  They work physically and mentally beyond what most of us adults would ever be willing to do.

That being said…..

But this scoring thing is bonkers!  I don’t know who came up with this system (a man? yup, mother of 2 boys and I’m a sexist).  It is a complicated, bizarre method of determining league champion.  Then regional champion?  And then state??  So confusing!

I need to write a “High School Wrestling for Dummies” book.  I would probably highlight huge sections for my reference.

So, Coach Scott was kind enough to:

a) not judge my ridiculously naïve question about scoring

b) not laugh at me for asking (and being a silly newbie)

c) give a concise and logical explanation

Do I agree with the scoring system after reading the explanation?  Nope.  But I don’t have a vote so I suppose I just need to deal with it.

To paraphrase Coach Scott:

“Our league championship is determined by a combination of dual meet wins (in league) and your finish at the SCL Championship tournament. Each team gets one point for every dual meet win. So as it stands now, we won the dual portion of the league schedule with 6 points. Analy was second with 5 points and not sure what team follows. That really means nothing more than we are in the driver’s seat going into the league championships tournament and we are the “designated” league champ for the purposes of the NCS Dual Team Championships and automatically qualify as such. The winner of the SCL championship tourney (Feb. 22 @ Elsie Allen) will get 3 points with second getting 2 and third getting one. Those points are added to your dual meet points to determine the league order of finish.

 So it falls down to this…

  • If we win the tourney we will win the SCL title outright with 9 pts. Likely Analy would take second at tourney and end with 7 pts. They would finish in 2nd
  • If we take second in the tourney to Analy, we both would end with 8 pts and would share the title as Co-Champions
  • If for some reason Analy wins tourney and we were to place third, Analy would win the title with 8 pts and we would finish in 2nd place with 7 pts.

 I like option #1.”

We ALL like option 1.

Before I forget, our coaching team, Coach Scott, Coach Tim, Coach Blair, deserves a HUGE shout out for working tirelessly training and motivating the team.  They are an incredible group of men who are devoted to the team and the game.  Thank you!!

Now, onto these championship tournaments.  No. Problem.  😀