Coach vs. Coach

Wrestlers compete as individuals, yet the sport builds camaraderie like no other.

Cael Sanderson 

There is passion and there is PASSION. Nothing demonstrated this more than our recent wrestling meet between my alma mater and my son’s team. The opposing team coaches had a substantially different approach to coaching from the mat.  And I have to say, it was a tad unusual — based on my limited, novice parent-of-a-wrestler experience.

At all of the tournaments and meets I have attended this season, the coaches are very animated, loud, passionate, and enthusiastic. There is no other way to say it. These men and women LOVE wrestling and they LOVE their teams. Passionate. Period.


Enthusiasm to the max!
Head Coach Scott Weidemier


Well, at the meet this past week the opposing coaches were rather relaxed. I caught the whole thing on camera — our lively coaches and the mellow opposing coaches. I was laughing so much some of the photos are blurry from shaking!

Here is the resulting video:

Coach vs. Coach.

Included are snaps of our Greyhounds rockin’ it out.

The meet was amazing and the competition was fierce.  Both teams wrestled with focus and dedication.  Fantastic!!!

I found myself chanting, “SQUEEEEEZZZZEEE.  SQUEEEEEZZZZEEE” with the other parents.  Apparently I got so animated and loud my other children asked me to stop, “It’s embarrassing, Mom.”  Well, I didn’t stop — I was having so much fun!

Though my son’s Greyhounds wrestled my alma mater — and I did tease him I was coming to the meet in a two-sided shirt (one side Hounds, the other Lions) — not ONCE did I root for the other team.  I am all for the passion, enthusiasm, and dedication of our Greyhounds.

I am 100% Hounds!

Cheers —