Who Needs Yoga? We Have Wrestling!

Is your child spending a lot of time on the mat?  At practice?  Hours away from the loving arms of his or her momma?  I have a great, win-win solution to bring you back together with your child!

At a recent practice a friend and I were admiring the level of activity our once slovenly sons were engaging.  An idea sprang forth from our peri-menopausal minds.  Why not workout with the kids during their practice?

Genius, I know!  Rather than sit and wait for the kids to finish practice we thought it a great idea to just join them.  There seems to be plenty of room on those mats for the moms to have a corner.  The coaches are great instructors and calorie burn is amazing.

My girlfriend and I didn’t just talk about this workout program.  Oh, no.  We decided to get to work i.e. play with the gear while the kids were doing these crab-race-walk things on the mat.  We each grabbed a rope and started swinging it around.  What fun!!!  No wonder the kids like going to practice.

Need a glimpse at an average workout?  Check out this video of a New Jersey high school.  This workout is most likely AFTER the 5 mile run (you know, to warm up a little).

The idea of working out some tension is also very appealing.  I know some people really love their yoga for the mental and physical, and it is good for really mellowing out.  But sometimes a mom needs to blow off steam.  How many days is it… missing the bus, scrambling to find homework, driving here and there, doing laundry, cleaning up vomit, cleaning up dog messes, dishes, make dinner, grocery store, field trip, work, first aid, making beds, baths, maybe a shower for you — maybe.  We need to decompress.

I’m just pointing out that a healthy outlet for daily tension isn’t a bad thing.  And since we’re usually waiting at practice why not take advantage of it for ourselves?

Now, I won’t put on one of those singlet things.  They would do nothing for my figure (cough, cough).  I need something with quite a bit more lycra, if you know what I mean.

DSC_0191                    DSC_0216      DSC_0224

Now, you ask, how good is this workout?  All workouts claim great fitness and weight loss.  Well, let me tell you, according to Calorie Count.com you can burn 408 calories in 1 hour!  Not to mention you are using every muscle in your body (read toning your muscles/strength training).  In comparison, different types of yoga burn between 189-594 calories.  Again, another great return… if you are doing the more difficult levels of yoga for an hour.  In wrestling there is only one level — hard.

To get a glimpse of what this co-wrestling workout may look like watch the following videos.  You will not be disappointed.

If our son or daughter coached us  — but I promise not to whine too much.


And just to give you a visual of two moms wrestling, just like the team, here’s a video demonstration.  The sound doesn’t work but you get the idea.  Doesn’t it look like fun?  We could wrestle our fellow mothers.  The ultimate mom throw down!

I can hear the kids cheering us on now.

My point is made.