Team Spirit — Whoot! Free Printable & Recipe

It’s league season — everywhere!  You know what that means?  Time to pull out the team swag, chow down game food, and take a throat lozenge to prep for cheering your lungs out.

There is nothing more fun that sitting in the stands and cheering for the home team.  It is even better when it is your kid’s team and you live in a small town where sports are IT!

I wanted to have fun showing my support and team spirit.  I envisioned air horns, giant clappers, pom poms, and maybe face paint.  Why not?  Grown men wear giant foam fingers and paint themselves up like Scottish Highlanders ready for battle when they attend national sporting events.  However, my son said, “No!” and that was the end of my fantasy.

Team Swag

Team Swag

Starting simple I made sure each family member received a team shirt (mandatory attire for team meets) for Christmas.  I am wearing one in my profile picture.  They were a huge hit!

Team loyalty.

Team loyalty.

And then I came across this fantastic recipe.  I decided I could customize it to show my spirit.  You are going to love these Chocolate Overload Muffins.  These fabulous muffins come from Gina Kleinworth at Kleinworth & Co.  Her blog is filled with delicious recipes and decorating ideas.


Team colors. Team Flag. Team Spirit!

Team colors. Team Flag. Team Spirit!

To add my spin for team spirit I used team color sprinkles — ours are red and black — baked them in team color liners, and made customized team “flags” for decoration.  If you would like to make your own flags here is the Muffin Cupcake Label Flags.  I used 2/3″ x 3-7/16″ file folder labels (Avery 8366 / 5366), printed the team logo on one half of the label, and then folded the label in half with a toothpick in the center.  You could use color paper, paper punch your logo out, or use larger labels.

My son, Jack, exclaimed, “The team will LOVE these!”

Have fun with it!

And if you’re wondering how the Greyhounds did at last night’s league meet — they won!!  Ready for a little wrestling?

Here’s a short video:

Cheers — Tammi