Vocabulary Lesson

Sitting in the stands at a recent wrestling meet I heard a strange language.  I could understand the words individually but when put together they did not make sense.  The mom (sitting right next to my ear) yelled out the words as a command, giving orders to I presume her son, like some secret code.

It was the language of the wrestler.  A code used primarily by wrestlers, coaches, and parents — in particular moms.  Ah ha!  I understood — not the language, mind you, but my lack of wrestling communication skills.

This clippish, commanding code (to the unversed it is similar to Klingon) reminded me of those strange hand singles used in baseball.  It is an exclusive, “you’re in the club with us”, excluding communication.  Darn it!  I want to be part of the club and learn the secret language too!  I don’t want to be the dorky newbie mom sitting in the stands saying, “don’t hurt him!”

So, I started researching.  Yes, research.  The web is a vast pool of knowledge and I knew if I looked long and hard I would find the key to the wrestlers language.  It didn’t hurt that I also recorded a mom on my phone to help me (check it out!).

The internet did not disappoint!  In fact, I found a website dedicated to wrestling moves.   It is a complicated code because the words match an action.  Oh wow!  I have to learn the word combinations, enunciation, AND the physical action?  I thought it best to start by learning 10 wrestling terms and their moves.

Double Leg Takedown — Yea! A video to help with the vocab lesson.  I gather it is knocking the opponent down by hitting both legs.

Single Leg Takedown — video demonstration.  I get it.  knock the opponent down by one leg.  I’m learning!

Duckunder — I don’t believe this move involves ducks.

Fireman’s Carry – I imagine this move is like the movies where the fireman saves the trapped damsel and “carries” her over his shoulder to safety.  Probably not as romantic in wrestling, I imagine.

Ankle Pick — think ankle biter with a hand — grab the ankle and make your opponent fall

Granby – good for quick reversal.  What is a quick reversal?

The Penetration Step — this step seems pretty important in all of the moves.

Cradle — Sounds so sweet and comforting, doesn’t it?  No such think in wrestling, my friends!  According to Kevin Libuit  it is the BEST high school wrestling moves.  Does that mean the wrestler holds and rocks his/her opponent?  So confused!

Half Nelson — I seriously thought this was some fad language from the 1930’s.  My dad used to say it all the time.  I guess it’s a real move!  Apparently it is a good move when the opponent is on the ground and you want to pin.

Wizzer — after reading the description and watching the video I understand where this got its name.  I couldn’t stop giggling!  I truly cannot imagine screaming from the stands at my 14 year old son “The Wizzer!  Go for the Wizzer!!!  Now, son, now!!!”

Though a good start in learning this language my research, unfortunately, uncovered even more words.  Set up, takedown, pin, position, snatch, wind up…  Clearly there is much to learn.

I would love to learn your favorite wrestling phrases.  Would you have the courage to scream “go for the wizzer?”  to your child during a match?