Smoothie Deliciousness

After a 2 hour practice (every. single. night.) my son loves to drink a smoothie. I know, smoothies are nothing new. But to keep in line with the lean, healthy eating I created a better snack for him. Smoothies (as you may already know) are a fantastic way to get a couple servings of fruits (or veggies if you’re adventurous), calcium, protein, and vitamins.

They also have the added benefit of flexibility. Don’t like bananas? Don’t include them. Like peaches — throw them in! Hate blueberries? Never fear, you don’t have to include them!

Jack’s Favorite After Practice Smoothie

1 C Fresh or frozen strawberries 1 Banana fresh or frozen broken into chunks 1 C Non-fat vanilla yogurt 2 T Soy Vanilla Non-Fat protein Powder 2 tsp Honey or natural sweetener

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

** You can funk this up by adding flaxseed, pomegranate juice, oatmeal, or anything tasty and healthy.

Here’s a great link to fabulous smoothie recipes. To your health.